Breader/Sifter Table

Winston’s Breader/Sifter table is a compact work station for preparing product for frying. Wet and bread your product, then load into the fryer basket of your Collectramatic fryer.

These tables have a maximum capacity of 25lbs of breading with a 16″ stainless steel solid shelf, a 16″ stainless steel shelf with a a hole, dip bucket, and a dip basket.


OF59C Open Fryer

The Collectramatic Open Fryer OF59C uses FilterFry technology to cook chicken and other foods to golden perfection. Its patented cold zone prevents cracklings from scorching and tainting your shortening. The OF59C is an open fryer with 18 lb (8.2 kg) capacity and an 8-channel programmable control.


F552A8 Shortening Filter

The F552A8 Shortening Filter with 82.5 lb. (37.1 kg.) tank capacity saves space by storing underneath our four-head fryers when not in use. Its portable design enables you to filter one or multiple fryers. Heavy-duty pump and motor speeds filtering time to three gallons per minute. Quick disconnect provides safe operation.