Cook & Hold Ovens

CVap Cook & Hold Ovens have a patented dual heat system that cooks food to a precise, uniform temperature and then holds it for hours. A food thermostat protects from overcooking and when the cook cycle is complete, it automatically switches to hold mode keeping your menu items at just-cooked quality and precise serving temperature. CVap Cook & Hold also offers a wide range of preparation functionality – high-yield roasting, steaming, poaching, vari-temp steaming, braising, rethermalizing, baking, low-temp cooking, bagless sous vide, and more – all in a single piece of equipment.

CAC522 CVap Cook/Hold Oven

CAC522 Cook/Hold Oven

CAC509 CVap Cook/Hold Oven

CAC509 Cook & Hold Oven

CAC507 CVap Cook/Hold Oven

CAC507 Cook & Hold Oven

CAC503 CVap Cook/Hold Oven

CAC503 Cook & Hold Oven

PS3145 Winston Smoker Box

PS3145 Winston Smoker Box