Cook & Hold Ovens

Whether you want to elevate your plate or nail consistently great food again and again, you can’t do better than a CVap Cook & Hold Cabinet. Available in full- and half-size models, they’re perfect for any operation: QSR, FSR, banquet hall, bar and grill, cafeteria, you name it. Cooks can do anything they want: proof, bake, roast, steam, braise, poach, stage, bagless sous vide – all without requiring the skills of a classically trained chef.

CAC522 CVap Cook/Hold Oven

CAC522 Cook/Hold Oven

CAC509 CVap Cook/Hold Oven

CAC509 Cook & Hold Oven

CAC507 CVap Cook/Hold Oven

CAC507 Cook & Hold Oven

CAC503 CVap Cook/Hold Oven

CAC503 Cook & Hold Oven