Thermalizer Ovens

CVap Thermalizer Ovens allow you to control food temperature and texture with ease. Simply select one of six pre-programmed retherm/hold modes or create a custom program to set special temperatures for large proteins, frozen pre-cooked items, and more. By using controlled vapor as a heat source, CVap Thermalizer Ovens can retherm some food products as much as 50 percent faster, with higher yields, than cabinets using air heat alone. Then, after the cook cycle is complete, the controls advance into an optimum CVap hold cycle. No other thermalizing oven gives you as much versatility or control over food safety and quality. Serve your customers food that is hot, fresh, fast, and consistent with a CVap Thermalizer oven.

CA8522 Low Power CVap Thermalizer Oven

CA8522 High Efficiency Thermalizer Oven

CA8509 Low Power CVap Thermalizer Oven

CA8509 Low Power Thermalizer Oven

CAT529 CVap Thermalizer Oven

CAT529 Thermalizer Oven

CAT522 CVap Thermalizer Oven

CAT522 Thermalizer Oven

CAT509 CVap Thermalizer Oven

CAT509 Thermalizer Oven

CAT507 Thermalizer Oven

CAT507 Thermalizer Oven

PS3145 Winston Smoker Box

PS3145 Winston Smoker Box