Under Pressure

Pressure Frying 101

Being based in Kentucky, we know a thing or two about fried chicken. For example, we know there is more than one way to fry, and the fastest method is with a commercial pressure fryer.

Why is pressure frying better for restaurants? Simple: operators can cook higher volumes faster, use less oil, and save on utility bills. And the fried food is juicier, more tender, and absorbs less fat. 

How does it work? Start with hot oil in the fryer, lower the chicken, close and lock the lid. The moisture in the chicken heats up, which creates steam and builds pressure. While steam is normally 212 degrees, a pressure fryer allows it to get to around 250 degrees, which, in turn, cooks the chicken faster.

Towards the end of the cooking cycle, the fryer releases excess pressure and then the lid can be opened safely. The result is perfectly cooked chicken, with a crisp exterior and a juicy, tender interior.

Make it easy to cook under pressure with Winston’s Collectramatic fryer, a workhorse designed for a legend. Request a demo to learn more!