CVap Hold & Serve Drawers

CVap Hold & Serve Drawers keep food hot and fresh for extended periods of time. With high heat-to-volume ratios, they recover quickly from frequent drawer openings, giving operators the ability to serve directly from the drawer. Serve dinner rolls that taste just-baked, tortilla chips that are warm and crisp, or even soft pretzels that are chewy and delicious for hours with CVap Hold & Serve Drawers. Whether you’re holding crisp foods or moist foods, you will be able to serve them at the consistency and quality your customers demand, all the way through busy serving periods.
CVap Hold & Serve Drawer

Available Models Size Configurations/Features
HBB5N1 Narrow/1 Steam Table Pan/Convection
HBB0N1 Narrow/1 Steam Table Pan
HBB5D1 Wide/1 Steam Table Pan/Convection
HBB0D1 Wide/1 Steam Table Pan
HBK5D1 Wide/6″ Deep Pans/8-channel timer/Convection
HBL5W1 Wide/4″ Deep Pans/8-channel timer/Convection
HBB5N2 Narrow/2 Steam Table Pans/Convection
HBB0N2 Narrow/2 Steam Table Pans
HBB5D2 Wide/2 Steam Table Pans/Convection
HBB0D2 Wide/2 Steam Table Pans