Domestic Sales Team

Angie Kirby, Director of Domestic Sales, adkirby@winstonind.comAngie Kirby

Director of Domestic Sales

Phone: 1.800.234.5286

Angie’s first job was in foodservice, and she’s never looked back. After working in operations and kitchens, she decided to further her education at Johnson and Wales University, earning a Food Service Management and Pastry Chef degree. She started at Winston in 2002, and has enjoyed positions in all areas of the Domestic Sales Team. She’s currently heading a stellar team of four regionals for the Domestic Market. When not working she enjoys spending time with her husband and two sons.

She has a couple of favorite recipes. First is Crème Brulee in Cook/Hold (CAC) at 190 +0 for 1-1:30 hours. The other is Pork Belly.

Pork Belly CAC509 180 5 Browning 6 hours on constant cook.
Score the pork belly and marinated in Asian Sauce (soy sauce, chili garlic paste, miron, brown sugar) overnight. Cook in the marinade. Chill for two hours cut into bite size squares, pan sear to crisp and heat through. Garnish with pickled red onion, cilantro and serve on steamed Asian bun.

Corey Ainsworth, Regional Sales Manager, SE USCorey Ainsworth

Regional Sales Manager
Southeastern United States
Phone: 1.502.409.0711

Corey has been with Winston since 2011. When he’s not working, he enjoys sports, the outdoors, farming, and the search for the perfect bourbon. Corey’s family has a saying: “When we’re not cooking or eating, we’re usually hunting or fishing for something to cook and eat.”

His favorite food prepared in a CVap? Bread Pudding made with left over Otis Spunkmeyer muffins (blueberry, banana, chocolate chip). Crumble muffins into 2” half size hotel pan. Mix together six eggs and three cups of heavy cream in a separate bowl and pour over muffins. Cook in CAT on Channel 1 for 45 min or CAC at 200 + 6 browning for 45 min. At 35 min, pull pan and coat top of bread pudding with Cinnabon icing and return to oven for remainder of cycle.
Without a doubt, his favorite school lunch was chicken spaghetti.

Chad Lunsford

Regional Sales Manager
Midwestern United States
Phone: 1.231.333.7082

Chad is an industry veteran, with over 20 years in foodservice (nearly half of that at Winston). Name the foodservice hat, and Chad has worn it, from restaurant manager to food broker to sales manager to equipment sales rep. These days he loves working with foodservice professionals, helping them with the challenges of an ever-evolving industry.

One of a family of eight, Chad learned to cook from his mom and grandma, and was preparing dinner for his large family at a very young age. Chad is also an obsessive outdoorsman who loves to hunt and fish and prepare wild game dinners for his family. On the weekends you will find him out on the lake with his awesome wife (who is also a fantastic cook!) and two beautiful daughters.

Chad doesn’t really have a favorite CVap recipe. “Saying what my favorite item prepared in a CVap is, is all but impossible. It really just depends on what I am in the mood for at the time. Call me and I will let you know what my favorite dish is that day…”

Tony Martino

Regional Sales Manager
Northeastern United States
Phone: 1.502.718.6011

A self-confessed foodie, Tony loves to cook, “…so working for Winston and having a CVap to use is perfect for me.” Tony’s been with Winston since 2012. His favorite CVap recipe? Veal Shank Osso Buco.

Unlike Gary Wycoff, Tony has warm memories of school lunch. “Lunch at St. William’s School was made by all of the moms. They had a single paid employee, who was the manager. All of mothers volunteered to cook and serve the food. I can’t pick a favorite, but I vividly remember the spaghetti and meatballs, tuna noodle casserole, and meatloaf.”

Gary Wycoff

Regional Sales Manager
Western United States
Phone: 1.801.381.4959

A student of “the school of hard knocks,” Gary joined the Winston team in 2011. He’s right at home in a commercial kitchen, having a plethora of experience working for service companies, dealers, broadliners, and as a manufacturer’s rep.

A lifelong Utah resident, Gary plays a mean lead guitar, and enjoys outdoor activities with his family.

His favorite food prepared in a CVap is a slow roasted NY strip loin. Setting: constant cook off 135 +5,  Cooktime six hours, minimum hold time of six hours. Simple ingredients – Kikkoman teriyaki sauce and marinade, Montreal steak seasoning, salt and pepper. “It’s unbeatable.”

Gary harbors no fond memories of school lunches. “I used to pack my lunch.”