Global Accounts Team


Donald Schaper

Director of Global Accounts
Middle East
+1 (502) 541-6038

Donald has over 30 years in foodservice, with more than 20 years in operations/corporate restaurant support. He has served nearly every role imaginable, from busboy, to waitstaff/bar, to FOH/BOH management and culinary development/kitchen operations in both quick service and fine dining. Prior to joining Winston in 2011, he spent several years in finance for a publicly traded restaurant company with over a billion dollars in annual sales, as well as corporate SCM/distribution with two large US Chains.

Donald holds degrees in both Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts, and is conversationally fluent in several languages.


Priscillia Chen, Sales Director, Asia, pcchen@winston.comPriscillia Chen

Sales Director
+86 13916608654

Priscillia has earned degrees from the Hunan Light Industry University and the Singapore Hotel and Tourist Education College (SHATEC). Her professional background includes service in an international hotel chain and a major foodservice equipment manufacturer.


Spencer Cole

Global Accounts Manager
Europe, South Pacific, Western US Chains
+1 (502) 432-6957

Spencer Cole is Winston Industries Global Accounts Manager. Prior to joining Winston Foodservice, Spencer worked as the culinary director for a culinary consultant and marketing agency. He has also worked at a number of prestigious restaurants on the East coast.


Barry Yates

Global Accounts Manager
Africa, YUM! Brands
+1 (502) 495-5506

A seasoned foodservice industry pro like Chef Barry can teach us all a thing or two about what it takes to succeed in this business! He has worked with scores of trail blazers through his career and has owned/operated his fair share of restaurants. He joined Winston Industries more than 20 years ago in a Culinary Research & Development capacity and has been with us ever since. Chef Barry is part culinary guru, part food scientist, part blogger, part pig farmer, part biker, and full-time fanatic about all things foodservice!


Jesus Iglesias

Global Accounts Manager
Latin America, Caribbean, Central US Chains
+1 (502) 287-7116

Jesus has over 20 years in foodservice,  working with manufacturers of both equipment and supplies.  His role over the years have included service technician, warehouse manager, sales manager, market specialist and GM.  Over the years he has also cultivated distribution channels throughout the U.S., Mexico, Canada , and Latin/South America. Jesus is fluent in several languages and enjoys teaching fitness classes in his spare time.