Technical Support

Have questions about your Winston equipment or need to locate a service agent? Contact Winston’s Customer Care Team:
(p) 1.800.234.5286 or +1.502.495.5400
OR contact your in-country distributor.

Warranty Registration

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Service Videos

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 CVap Service Videos                 Startup Videos                    Collectramatic Service Videos

Technical Links

Firmware Updates

Factory Presets

CVap Owner’s Manuals

HA Series Holding Cabinets         HC4009 Holding Cabinet         HBB Series Holding Drawers         HBK Holding Drawers
HBL Holding Drawers         UHB Holding Bins         CAC Cook and Holds         CA85 Cook and Holds
CAT Retherm Ovens

Collectramatic Owner’s Manuals

Collectramatic Fryers         F552A Shortening Filter         F662A Shortening Filter         F662T Transport Filter

Translated Documents

Arabic CAC Owner’s Manual         Arabic Fryers Owner’s Manual         Arabic HA Series Owner’s Manual         Arabic Lift Assist Owner’s Manual            French HA Series Owner’s Manual            Portuguese HA Series Owner’s Manual            Portuguese CAT Series Owner’s Manual
Russian Fryers Owner’s Manual         Russian HA Series Owner’s Manual        Russian HBB Series Owner’s Manual

Limited Warranty

Limited Warranty (excluding gaskets, lamps, hoses, power cords, glass panels, fryer baskets, batteries, and evaporators). Warranty disclaimer for failure to clean. WINSTON EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY. Ask us for a complete warranty disclosure or go to: Warranty Details.

Extended Warranties:

Extended, limited warranties are available and must be purchased while the equipment is still under warranty. Up to two additional years beyond the one-year standard warranty period may be purchased for a maximum of three years. Extended warranties are covered under the terms of the Zap Warranty Agreement. Purchase extended warranties at the time of the initial equipment order for a savings of 25%.