A Special Louisville Endeavor

We had the pleasure of participating in Endeavor – The Louisville Food & Beverage Tour. Endeavor Louisville led 18 Endeavor Entrepreneurs from ten countries on an F&B tour of the city this week, featuring site visits, panels and discussions with Endeavor Louisville board members, as well as other business leaders, involved in the industry. The tour provided an opportunity for these industry icons to deliver firsthand knowledge to Endeavor Entrepreneurs about scaling up, going big, and winning in the industry.

Winston Industries‘ own Chef Barry Yates partnered with Chef Space, Louisville’s original kitchen incubator, to demonstrate how community leaders can partner to accelerate others ideas. Barry demonstrated CVap® Staged New York Strip in the newly equipped Jays 120 space at the west Louisville incubator. CVap® Staging is a technique that allows QSR operators to drastically reduce service times while maintaining extraordinary food quality. One of the aspects we loved about this event is that guests were able to get an up close and hands on feel for how CVap technology can optimize their kitchen operations. Great food fast every time!

“Winston Industries, building on its entrepreneurial legacy, was a natural partner for the tour,” says Barry Yates, “innovation and ideas are in our DNA” he continued. Winston Industries has expanded into four three divisions specializing in foodservice, manufacturing, and electronics- to perpetuate our entrepreneurial spirit and to provide the opportunity for others to do the same.

Thank you Endeavor and Chef Space for allowing us to participate in the tour.  We’ve received great feedback from attendees and can’t wait to do more of these events in the future! If you would like to learn more about Winston Industries or have an hands on entrepreneurial experience of your own, schedule your CVap demo and cook with us! Visit our website for more info or call 502.495.5400

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CA8509 Low Power Thermalizer Oven

The CVap Low Power Thermalizer Oven CA8509 is a workhorse, in half the space of a full size cabinet. The powerful heaters quickly retherm foods to serving temperature, while maintaining food quality. It’s perfect for schools and cafeterias, where speed and food quality are priorities. The CA8509 has an 8-channel pre-programmed and programmable control to store your favorite recipes. Five adjustable rack supports hold five sheet pans or ten steam table pans. A built-in fan circulates air to maintain consistent temperatures. Auto water fill comes standard, eliminating the need for frequent water refills and keeping up with the demands of your fast paced kitchen. Sits on rugged 3″ (76mm) casters for easy mobility.

OF59C Open Fryer

The Collectramatic Open Fryer OF59C uses FilterFry technology to cook chicken and other foods to golden perfection. Its patented cold zone prevents cracklings from scorching and tainting your shortening. The OF59C is an open fryer with 18 lb (8.2 kg) capacity and an 8-channel programmable control.


HBB5D2 Hold & Serve Drawer

The CVap Hold & Serve Drawer HBB5D2 is easy to use and delivers superior food temperature and food texture control. Ideal for QSRs, kiosks, or any operation where space is limited but food quality is important. This wide, two drawer model is 1/2″ (13mm) feet in size and will hold two steam table pans or four half steam table pans. Built in fan ensures an even temperature throughout the drawer. The electronic differential control provides the dual control of air and vapor temperature that made CVap technology famous.


HA4022 Holding Cabinet

The CVap HA4022 Holding Cabinet  gives you substantial capacity at a lower price than our flagship cabinets. Like other CVap holding cabinets, the HA4022 offers superior food temperature and texture control. At 22 cu. ft (.66 cu. M) holding capacity, it is well suited for schools, hospitals, and any other high volume operation. Fourteen adjustable universal wire rack supports hold 14 sheet pans or 28 steam table pans. The A-Series electronic differential control precisely controls both food temperature and food texture. Sits on 3″ (76mm) casters for ease of mobility.


HA4511 Holding Cabinet

The CVap HA4511 Holding Cabinet is our largest half-size cabinet. The A-Series electronic differential control offers premium Controlled Vapor Technology with dual control over food temperature and food texture. Ideal for schools, QSRs, and any other high volume operation. Seven adjustable universal rack supports hold a capacity of seven sheet pans or 14 steam table pans. Built in fan provides for even distribution of vapor heat. Sits on 3″ (76mm) casters for ease of mobility.

HA4503 Holding Cabinet

The CVap HA4503 Holding Cabinet delivers superior food temperature and texture control. At 3 cu. ft. (.09 cu. M) of space, it fits under standard counters, and is ideal for kiosks, bars, or anywhere that business volume is high but space is limited. The A-Series electronic differential control precisely controls both food temperature and food texture. Built in fan evenly distributes the vapor heat, helping to ensure optimal food quality. Five adjustable rack supports hold five half sheet pans or four steam table pans. Sits on 1″ (25mm) wheels to easily fit under counter.


HBB5D1 Hold & Serve Drawer

The CVap HBB5D1 Hold & Serve Drawer HBB5D1 is easy to use and delivers superior food temperature and food texture control. Ideal for QSRs, kiosks, or any operation where space is limited but food quality is important. This wide, one drawer model is 1/2″ (13mm) feet in size and will hold one steam table pan or two half steam table pans. Built in fan ensures an even temperature throughout the drawer. The electronic differential control provides the dual control of air and vapor temperature that made CVap technology famous.

HBB5N1 Hold & Serve Drawer

The CVap HBB5N1 Hold & Serve Drawer is easy to use and delivers superior food temperature and food texture control. Ideal for QSRs, kiosks, or any operation where space is limited but food quality is important. This narrow, single-drawer model features 1/2″ (13mm) feet, and will hold one steam table pan or two half steam table pans. Built-in fan ensures an even temperature throughout the drawer. The electronic differential control provides the dual control of air and vapor temperature that made CVap technology famous.

Unique to Georgia is their School Nutrition Association’s Equipment Academy

It’s really important for me to stay on top of the trends, standards, and challenges that affect school foodservice professionals, and the Georgia School Nutrition Association’s Equipment Academy is one of my GO-TO sources!

New PictureUnique to Georgia, the Equipment Academy takes place in Perry, Georgia, during non-NAFEM years. NAFEM is the National Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers, and their bi-annual event showcases foodservice equipment from more than 500 manufacturers.

The Equipment Academy concept is a bit like a scaled-downed NAFEM Show with a school foodservice focus. Five equipment dealers are chosen to represent learning classrooms, and Manufacturer’s Representatives (similar to Brokers) are there to represent the foodservice factories that fit the criteria. School foodservice operators come from all over the state to see what innovations they might bring to their districts, from temperature management systems to fabulous ovens, like Winston’s CAT522 shown here in the CITISCO Dealer booth.

The Academy offers two and a half days of intense learning about what might really make running school cafeteria programs more efficient. Here are Candice Sisson and Emily Hanlin, School Nutrition Directors in Fannin and Douglas Counties, respectively.

New Picture (1)

I love to take a selfie with people I’ve worked with for a while. This is James Camacho of Camacho and Associates. James’ design consultancy builds awesome schools and does fabulous remodels. He came to the Equipment Academy specifically to teach a class on equipment specification for school kitchens. It was great to see and have him there. When we took this shot, we were enjoying Thursday evening’s festivities which included great food and drinks prepared by us all.


The Equipment Academy would be extremely beneficial for any of the State Nutrition Association!

For more information about the complete line of CVap products, please visit our website at winstonfoodservice.com.

School Food for Dinner?

Yes, when it’s tantalizing and tasty Ranchero Beans!

Lately there’s been a lot of talk about what’s being served in school cafeterias around the country. Take it from me, the best way to find out what’s being plated in K-12 is to actually go to the schools and have lunch yourself. I work with schools around the U.S. and let me tell you there is some wonderful food around the country with creative ways of serving happening every day!

I suppose you could give an example based on new regulations that are taking place. But really those healthier options, even before the new regulations, have been putting school foodservice at the forefront of tasty recipes from one of the most demanding groups of customers there is – your kids.

The K-12 market segment food manufacturers have done a marvelous job with reformulating and reinventing a lot of the tasty treats your kids love to eat. Add in scratch cooking that’s being done in many schools, and you’ve got some great recipes for healthy well-fed students that get kids ready to learn.

So here’s my challenge to you. Would you try a dynamic and delicious made-from-scratch school food recipe at your next outdoor cookout?

Believe me when the side dish is tantalizing and tasty Ranchero Beans from a district like Brantley County Schools in Georgia, you can’t go wrong.

ranchero beans

Ranchero Beans

I took the original bulk recipe from School Nutrition Director Laura Lynn’s Brantley County School District and honed it down for an at home gathering with family. I’m sharing the original with you along, with my version.

School style:

Number of Portions: 43
Size of Portions: ½ cup


CAT509 – CVap® Retherm Oven
HA4522 – CVap Holding Cabinet


  • 1 cup, (8 fl oz) water
  • 2 tsp low-sodium ham base
  • 1 #10 can/18.5 ct/.5 cup beans, canned, drained, rinsed
  • 1 can #10 tomatoes, diced, canned
  • 1 cup frozen diced onions
  • 2 tbsp Italian seasoning
  • 1 tbsp cumin, ground
  • 1 tbsp salt, table
  • 1 tsp pepper, black
  • ¼ cup mild banana pepper rings


Pre-heat your CVap Retherm Oven by pressing Channel 6.

Place can of tomatoes, drained beans and onions in a 2” deep hotel pan. Add one cup of warm water mixed with the ham base. Add Italian seasoning, cumin, salt and black pepper. Mix well and place pepper rings on top. Once oven is pre-heated, place in the CAT509 and cook for 30 minutes. Then place in HA4522 Holding Cabinet with a food temperature of 155°F degrees and a food texture of +10 degrees until ready to serve. Serve students with #8 scoop or ½ spoodle.

Home Style Version


  • ½ cup of water
  • ¼ tsp of low sodium ham base (I used Better Than Bouillon brand)
  • 2 cans 15.5 oz unseasoned pinto beans drained, rinsed
  • 2 cans 14.5 oz diced tomatoes
  • ¼ cup frozen diced onions (I used Kroger brand)
  • ¼ tsp Italian seasoning (I used McCormick brand)
  • ¼ tsp of cumin
  • 1/8 tsp salt
  • ¼ tsp pepper
  • 6 or 8 mild banana pepper rings


Mix all of the ingredients together in a half size aluminum hotel pan and then use a CVap CAC503 Cook & Hold set to 90°F+9 for 30 minutes on high yield so it will drop into an automatic hold of 150°F following the heat cycle to warm.

If you don’t have a CVap oven at home home…

Combine the ingredients in a gallon or soup pot, reserve the mild banana rings for topping. Heat on medium on top of the stove, covered until warm, then put the banana pepper rings on top for serving.

I then served this to friends and family and asked them all what they thought.

They loved it! Then the big reveal…I told them it was school food!

Check out this wonderful dish and try it at home. Take heart in knowing that schools all over America are serving great dishes like this to your children, which have been cooked fresh in Winston Retherm Ovens and held at just-cooked quality in Winston Holding Cabinets, with the one and only CVap technology.

Saltimbocca, Southern Style!

plated shotSaltimbocca (also saltimbocca) (Italian: jumps in the mouth) is a dish (popular in southern Switzerland, Italy, Spain and Greece) made of veal lined or topped with prosciutto and sage; marinated in wine, oil or saltwater, depending on the region or one’s own taste. This dish is also occasionally topped with capers depending on individual taste (Wikipedia).

Although veal and prosciutto are the proteins traditionally used when making this dish, our Saltimbocca features chicken thighs in the starring role. And the southern spin comes from wrapping the thighs with Woodlands Pork Mountain Ham, which is butchered and cured in the European style. (Click here to learn more about its creator, Jay Denham.) We further amped up the southern charm by serving the Saltimbocca over Weisenberger grits mixed with Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheddar Cheese.

We boned, skinned, and brined chicken thighs. Then we wrapped them in the reserved skins and roasted them in a CVap® Cook & Hold Oven at 165°F + 30 for :30 minutes, then held them until we were ready for finishing. To do that, we removed the chicken skins, wrapped the thighs with fresh sage leaves, Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheddar, and Woodlands Pork Mountain Ham, and pan-seared them to crisp the ham. These were then held until we were ready to plate. As you can see, the thighs remained incredibly juicy while the ham achieved exactly the crisp texture we wanted.

cut chicken close-up

Meanwhile, we sautéed sliced cremini mushrooms with chopped onion and garlic, then reduced them with stock and a generous amount of butter.


For the grits, we mixed Weisenberger Grits with chicken stock and Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheddar, covered the pan with foil, and cooked it in a CVap Cook & Hold Oven 200°F + 100 for an hour. For plating, the grits were topped with a salad of heirloom tomatoes tossed in a honey-thyme vinaigrette. Gorgeous all by itself!

grits on plate

We topped that with one of the Saltimbocca chicken thighs and a generous ladle of the sautéed mushroom mixture and its reduced broth.

plated shot

And the finished plate was as delicious as it was beautiful!

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Kickin’ Chicken Noodle Soup: A Bowl Full of Delicious Techniques!

Whether it’s good for the body, soothing for the soul, or transports you to a nostalgic happy place from your childhood, there’s something deeply satisfying about chicken noodle soup that resonates with most people.

It can also be an eloquent expression of different techniques. In this case, we utilized both CVap® and Collectramatic® equipment to create a chicken soup with a robust flavor profile and a broad range of textures.

For the broth, we combined chicken carcasses, aromatics (including carrots, onions, celery, thyme, sage, parsley, and rosemary), and slowly reduced it in a CVap Cook & Hold Oven set at 180°F + 30 for 8 hours with Constant Cook ON.


Chicken thighs were vacuum-sealed with olive oil and salt and poached in a CVap oven 165°F + 2 for two hours, with Constant Cook ON. The result was a confit with an almost buttery texture.

chicken confit

The skin was removed from the poached chicken and open fried in a Collectramatic fryer at 350°F for four minutes.

frying skin

Celery, carrots, and onions were steamed in a CVap oven at 200°F + 0 for one hour and added to the stock and held until it was time to assemble the plates.

steamed veggies

We purchased fresh noodles from Whole Foods and steamed them at the same settings as the vegetables.

Kickin' Noodles

For plating, we started with the steamed noodles and topped them with the vegetables, followed by pulled confit of chicken.

plate building

We then poured hot stock over the bowls and garnished with fresh herbs and the fried chicken skin crisps.

fresh herbs

cutting crispy skin

It just doesn’t get more satiating than that!


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