Leadership Team

Valerie Shelton

CEO Valerie Shelton has five children, ranging in age from five to 43.  Her global travels have taken her to Ireland, China, Thailand, South Africa, Europe, Mexico, the Caribbean, Alaska, and South America, and she still hopes to make it to Australia, New Zealand, and Antarctica. She loves reading, playing Scrabble, and cooking, and she is a certified scuba diver. Then there’s her inner card shark! Having been previously hooked on Texas Hold ‘Em, she has traded her addiction in for the occasional online game of Hearts or Spades.

Valerie often amazes her dinner guests with her favorite recipe, a dark chocolate brownie. When baked in a CVap, it is a piece of cake to achieve a tender crisp crust with a moist, chewy center. Just mix a favorite brownie batter and place in a non-reflective baking dish. Bake in CVap at 200 +10 for 25 minutes. Serve warm immediately with compote of fresh berries and a dollop of vanilla ice cream. Or, hold in a CVap warming cabinet at 145 +5 until ready to serve.

Paul_Haviland_bioPaul Haviland

Paul is the COO of Winston Industries and General Manager of our Ventures Division. His impressive list of travels includes four continents, 14 countries, and every state except Alaska. Paul enjoys boating, particularly sailing, speed boating and water skiing. One of the goals on his bucket list is to experience virtually every type of flying machine. Land, sea, or air, you just can’t stop him! And we mustn’t forget to mention that he plays in an old men’s tennis league (his words, not ours). This man does it all

Consistent with his approach to people, Paul’s favorite food prepared in Winston equipment is a sweet and smooth crème brulee. Unlike traditional ovens that require water baths and continuous monitoring, crème brulee can be prepared to perfection in a CVap oven. Pour your favorite custard mixture into an oven-proof dish in a preheated CVap Cook & Hold. Our recommended setting is 200F for the food temperature and level three on the browning. Bake for 30 minutes on constant cook, then remove and chill in the refrigerator for at least 3hours. When you are ready to serve, top with brown sugar and quickly caramelize with a small handheld kitchen torch.

Bob Leavitt

Bob Leavitt is the General Manager of the Manufacturing Division and has been with Winston since 2001. Prior to Winston, Bob worked for more than 25 years in the powered metal and fabrication industries, accruing substantial experience in manufacturing and operations management and planning. But enough about his resume – who is the real Bob? His interests include fishing, classic cars (primarily Mustangs), and restoring old motorcycles. And at heart, Bob is a true animal lover with four dogs and two cats.

When we are evaluating new software in our test kitchen, Bob is usually found following the savory aroma of well roasted beef bottom flat straight to the oven door. This roast is normally at its best when prepared to a medium or well done state, but it can be easy to overcook in a traditional oven. In CVap, however, just rub the roast with a favorite spice blend (we like simple salt and pepper), place it in a CVap Cook and Hold CAC509 at 180 food temperature and + 0 browning for 8 hours, then hold for another 6 to 8 hours at 150 food temperature. Hours later, the roast will be perfectly done and you too can enjoy the juiciest and most savory beef roast on the planet.

Shaun Tanner

In addition to being the General Manager of the Foodsevrice Division, Shaun is…well, complex. He’s a globe trotter, having visited 36 countries, none of which are in South America. Out of all these places his favorite vacation spot is Vancouver. Shaun is a classically trained chef, and while you won’t see him eating lamb, cheesecake, or sugar cookies, you are likely to catch him downing a red bull at basically any time of day. He grew up with exotic parrots as pets, raising more than 15 to date, and he and his family currently share a home with two dogs and a guinea pig.  If he could have one super power it’d be to read, write, & speak in every language. And probably our most loved fact about Shaun is that he knows how to sew. Find one word to describe all that!

Shaun’s favorite food prepared in a Winston innovation is Carnitas, a Mexican specialty. Cook pork butts in a CVap Cook & Hold set at a food temperature of 140 and texture at +40 for about 8 hours, then hold overnight. Remove and dice the pork, then fry in a Collectramatic fryer at 350 degrees for about 2 ½ minutes. Serve with fresh lime juice and a warm tortilla.

Dennis Hall

There’s not much more you need to know about Dennis other than that he enjoys holding hands and long walks on the beach. We suspect he also likes Piña Coladas and getting caught in the rain. Oh, he’s also the Manager of Engineering for our Foodservice Division, but that’s no big deal to him because it’s just second nature by now.

Dennis’ favorite food prepared in Winston equipment is a whole roasted hen. Place your favorite roasting hen on a wire rack, rub with a little olive oil, season and stuff with some favorite ingredients such as parsley, thyme, rosemary, onions and celery. Cook in a CVap oven set at 175 doneness and browning level 5. In 3 hours you will have a juicy golden brown hen perfect for any special occasion.


Tina Thompson

Tina is our Chief Financial Officer, and has worked almost her entire career at Winston which ironically almost didn’t happen. She was the second-choice candidate for the position and the first choice didn’t have reliable transportation. Great lesson – if your job requires you to commute you should probably make sure you have transportation! Tina loves all M&M’s except the red ones, which she claims taste funny.  Her addiction to TED Talks has her watching at least one every day, and she thinks everyone else should too!  She says the very best part of working at Winston is “the passionate and slightly obsessed people I work with.”

Even after 30 years at Winston, Tina is amazed that prime rib cooked in CVap comes out perfect every time. Our recommendation is to serve prime rib medium rare. To prepare, cook at 135 degrees with a browning level of 5 for 6.5 hours. The result will be a perfect, caramel on the outside, juicy on the inside, medium rare prime rib that can be held until you are ready to serve.