Barbecue Ribs, cooked sous vide without a bag

CVap Sous Vide Barbecue, Sort Of!

Part 1 As the weather heats up, many folks begin daydreaming about barbecue. May is National BBQ Month – an ...
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RTV Retherm Oven

Combi Ovens; Blessing or Boondoggle?

Ah, the much celebrated, occasionally maligned combi-oven. Many a chef has salivated over the thought of adding a combi to ...
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No Vent Hood Needed

No Vent Hood, No Foolin’! CVap Doesn’t Need a Vent Hood!

Space. It’s a precious commodity in any commercial kitchen. Particularly space under the vent hood. Most food codes require certain ...
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What the Turducken!

Holidays may be the time for tradition, but we decided it was time to shake things up! This year we ...
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Rusty Stainless Steel

Say No To Rusty Stainless Steel!

Despite what you've heard, stainless steel IS susceptible to rusting. Corrosion on metal is common. It is easily recognizable on ...
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CVap Turkey

That’s a lot to Gobble Up!

The leaves have fallen along with the temperature, and that means we're into the season for feasting! Preparing a meal ...
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